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Download Battery Health Free for Mac

Battery Health is, as its name implies, designed to tell you about your MacBook's battery, including current capacity and current charge level. Since battery health is an important factor for many of us on the move, knowing how healthy our battery is and how long we can depend on it can help prevent losing power when you need it most. Knowing when it is going to need replacing is also a handy piece of knowledge.

Battery Health is a small utility that installs quickly and easily. When launched the first time, Battery Health asks if you want to run it at startup each time (a good idea). The interface is straightforward. A small dialog window shows the current charge level, total battery capacity (both original and current in mAh), the amount of time remaining on battery power at current draw levels and with some typical apps running, as well as some specifications about the battery (including age, number of deep cycles, power usage, and temperature). A little graph at the bottom shows ongoing usage. The predicted usage is pretty accurate. For example, on our system Battery Health predicted just over 6 hours of battery life playing music, and our MacBook Pro got within 4 percent of that prediction.

Battery Health is one of those useful little apps that you probably won't use every day, but when you do need it, you'll find it gives you all the relevant information with nothing superfluous added. By continually monitoring your battery, you can avoid expensive battery replacements and get a good feel for expected battery life on a charge, something that can be handy information to possess.

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