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Download Grays Anatomy Student Edition Free for Mac

Gray's Anatomy Student Edition is a version of Gray's Anatomy, a standard text book for anatomical study, ported to the Mac. The application is free and installs easily. This is not a light-weight e-book but a full implementation of the student edition of a classic medical reference book.

Gray's Anatomy Student Edition offers a lot of high-resolution images (better quality than the iOS version of the app) with accompanying text. Readers can create bookmarks anywhere in Gray's Anatomy Student Edition, which is ideal for looking up commonly needed text or images. The layout of the app has been designed for easy navigation, so you can jump almost immediately to the subject you want to look up. There are a couple of flaws, though, the most notable being the inability to add notes. Also, it would have been really useful if there was a highlight capability to make some text or illustration parts more noticeable. Still, Gray's Anatomy Student Edition is a classic reference book that every student or doctor either has or wishes they had. Having it available on the Mac is great.

Gray's Anatomy Student Edition is free and as such will be a great addition to anyone with an interest in biology or human anatomy. This is not a book to teach you anatomy as much as a reference work showing where everything is and how it relates to nearby structures. We love this implementation.

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