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Download iPhoto Buddy Free for Mac

iPhoto Buddy for Mac does a good job of integrating with iPhoto and providing the ability to work with multiple image libraries, something many Mac users will appreciate. While it solicits donations for long-term use, the program is available for free without any usage restrictions.

After a quick download, iPhoto Buddy for Mac installed into the Applications folder without any issues, although there was a donation request that needed to be dismissed. After starting the program for the first time, the user is shown a short tutorial page. Despite the application's basic purpose, the tutorial was very helpful and a nice touch for less experienced users. The interface is easy to navigate and mirrors the look and feel of iPhoto, itself. The main menu is small, but has clearly labeled buttons for adding and removing libraries. Users can also display and modify thumbnails and initiate iPhoto once the desired changes are made. The libraries create quickly and the integration with iPhoto was well thought out, and operated seamlessly. There is an option for placing password protection on libraries, too. Additionally, this application places a status menu in your menu bar, which provides instant access to your Libraries and data regardless of whether the main program is running or not.

For users who want to work with different iPhoto libraries, iPhoto Buddy for Mac integrates with iPhoto well, adding functionality to the Apple program.

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