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Download Wake Up Time Free for Mac

Wake Up Time is a clock app for displaying the time, setting an alarm, and setting custom sounds. Wake Up Time is a fairly simple app in what it does, but it's handy when you want a larger clock display on your device. Wake Up Time installs easily.

The Wake Up Time interface shows an image of a clock radio. Time is shown on a simulation of an LED display. You can set multiple alarms with customizable snooze duration. The sound can be customized to whatever you wish. The free version of Wake Up Time is fairly basic but you can upgrade to add extra sounds. Unfortunately, there's only one alarm that can be set at a time, which is a limitation. Also, there's no real menu interface. Both features are promised in a future upgrade.

There are quite a few clock apps on the market. Wake Up Time is graphically attractive, although we found the display a bit small on the screen. Also, the lack of multiple alarm settings (a curious omission as this would be easy to implement, you would think) as well as the need to buy more than the basic sound set will cause a lot of people to skip over this app.

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